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I guess you can say I am one of those typical holisitic practitioner's. Once you get bitten by the healing bug, the journey of a thousand miles begins. Each step taking you to yet another "got to have this amazing tool, technique, tip, program, workshop, seminar, confernece, etc." In the ocean of overwhemling choices, your head can spin with all the directions you feel yourself pulled in.

Over the years though I have started to settle down. I am still amazed by much of what I encounter, but my ability to discern is tweeked a bit more. I realize that there is NO ONE MAGIC BULLET. Healing is an inside job, that can be assisted in a variety of ways by outside stuff. Slim Spurling's tools, The Light-Life Technology, is one of those outside stuff technologies that I have used with success and have seen others use with success as well. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to Slim and his work. You will find your own truth along the way. Namaste~ Susan Anderson

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tools Explained: 1/2 Cubit Rings

"Slim had collected evidence for the existence of at least nineteen cubit lenghts that have been recorded int he ancient world: Sumerian, Egyptian, Sacred, Royal, and so on. While some are clearly derived from polar, equatorial, or radial Earth measureemnts, each one, according to its resonant length, represents an aspect of God or a differnt "quality: of Spirit. Egyptian cosmogony refers to these qualities as :neters", and regards them as principles or natural forces. Specific functions are attributed to each neter length, and the frequencies they generate are the vibrational code hidden behind the workd of form.

Slim settled on the Sacred Cubit to begin his work in the construction of the Light-LIfe Rings. The Sacred Cubit lenght carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that embody a spiritual coe providing resonance with a desired spiritual quality. When these specific lengths are formed into a circle, something remarkable happens: light is created." From Slim Spurling's Universe, Cal Garrison


Anonymous said...

My cousin Gregory Calhoun who is a dowser (spelling is questionable) presented me with the ring shown on your site with the three balls. I as a traditional health care provider, am not particularly a believer of such things. I was taking 1000 mgs of a muscle relaxer for back spasms, that was providing little relief. In my state I used the ring by putting it under my bed. I had difficulty walking and siting. I woke up still with difficulty sitting but I walked with no pain before taking my every four hour dose of medication. I am a scientist by nature and came across your website while exploring this science. Many thanks for the existence of Slim Spurling and my cousin.

Susan & Scott Anderson said...

Dear anonymous, my initial exposure was total skeptic. After reading testimonials that I could not believe , I sat the ring on my dresser until one night . I had a swollen groin which turned out to be a hernia. I put the ring over it for 4 wks . When I got to the doctor who was to schedule me for surgery, he said you do not have a problem. That was after 3 doctors had previously diagnosed it and recommended surgery. Since then I have found this technology to be pretty fascinating. I believe it to be having an effect on restructuring water in the body which in turn is healing living water. See "structured water ". I do not have all the answers, but as Slim put it, do we know how everything works? Thanks for your comments and feel free to contact me with any other observations . Thank Scott