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I guess you can say I am one of those typical holisitic practitioner's. Once you get bitten by the healing bug, the journey of a thousand miles begins. Each step taking you to yet another "got to have this amazing tool, technique, tip, program, workshop, seminar, confernece, etc." In the ocean of overwhemling choices, your head can spin with all the directions you feel yourself pulled in.

Over the years though I have started to settle down. I am still amazed by much of what I encounter, but my ability to discern is tweeked a bit more. I realize that there is NO ONE MAGIC BULLET. Healing is an inside job, that can be assisted in a variety of ways by outside stuff. Slim Spurling's tools, The Light-Life Technology, is one of those outside stuff technologies that I have used with success and have seen others use with success as well. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to Slim and his work. You will find your own truth along the way. Namaste~ Susan Anderson

Monday, February 11, 2008

Meet the Modern Day Lord of the Rings!

My first exposure to Slim Spurling occurred just over a few years ago when I purchased a simple copper ring from a Spurling distributor at a health fair. It's been an amazing ride since. After getting a speech about wasting money from my wife, I was determined to find out why this woman I purchased the ring from would spend $300 to set up a booth at a health fair, just to sit there for 2 days selling copper rings if they didn't have a good purpose. I went online and did my research and was very skeptical about what I was reading. The ring sat for a long while until I experienced some physical swelling that was present for a few days. One night after playing ice hockey I thought , well let's put the ring to the test. I placed it on the swollen area and woke up to amazement. The swelling was gone. Holy S.....!.

Fast forward...In August of '06 my wife and I went a workshop at the Nature Lyceum on Long Island in which Slim Spurling was presenting. His first presentation was Dowsing for Geopathic Stress. I had read about geopathic stress but until Slim explained how hazardous this stuff is, I had not paid it muchmind. Slim basically claims that most, if not all illness is triggered by spending too much time in geopathic stress. "Geopathic Stress" is distorted earth energies that basically play havoc on the immune system. I urge you to do some research on this; it's monumental from my perspective.The following 3 days at the workshop were incredible with on and off time spent with Slim. I have never been in the presence of someone so in touch with energies and healing. Slim introduced and traced the history of his discoveries, or rediscoveries as he puts it. Ancient technologies utilizing sacred geometry, namely the sacred cubit. The sacred cubit was used in the construction of the pyramids, Noah's Ark and so on. I recently purchased a singing bowl made in Tibet that coincidentally utilizes that same sacred cubit measurement. Slim's light life tools are based on sacred geometry.

Slim began practicing the ancient art of dowsing and invented a very simple and inexpensive method of neutralising geopathic stress in 1993. Slim and his associates also utilize different variations of light life tools to block, divert or neutralize harmful distorted earth energies.

His light life tools have found many applications, many of which I can personally attest to being incredible. These include potentizing water, health and healing applications, pain relief, severe storm damage prevention, relaxation, meditation assistance, fault zone stress reduction, agriculture, pet care, fuel enhancement (mpg), jet lag, sound quality improvement, computer stress, food quality improvement and longevity, broad range environmental improvement-air, water and soil, destructive insect repellent and more.

Many people around the world are experiencing and experimenting with these life force energies with incredible results. Slim's environmental clearing units are cleaning the air in various locations around the world as politicians and scientifically confined mind's miss the boat. Grass root efforts are making a difference... for more information, contact Seeds for Change Wellness about dowsing, geopathic stress and Slim Spurling's workshops and light life tools.

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