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I guess you can say I am one of those typical holisitic practitioner's. Once you get bitten by the healing bug, the journey of a thousand miles begins. Each step taking you to yet another "got to have this amazing tool, technique, tip, program, workshop, seminar, confernece, etc." In the ocean of overwhemling choices, your head can spin with all the directions you feel yourself pulled in.

Over the years though I have started to settle down. I am still amazed by much of what I encounter, but my ability to discern is tweeked a bit more. I realize that there is NO ONE MAGIC BULLET. Healing is an inside job, that can be assisted in a variety of ways by outside stuff. Slim Spurling's tools, The Light-Life Technology, is one of those outside stuff technologies that I have used with success and have seen others use with success as well. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to Slim and his work. You will find your own truth along the way. Namaste~ Susan Anderson

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Skeptic's Encounter with the Magical Ring


A few years back I opened a wellness center and in an effort to promote who we were, I booked a booth at a local wellness fair. Being a newbee at this type of stuff, I was excited to have the booth. Little did I know at the time that there were 3 other major events being hosted in the local area, and the weather was beautiful, as well, all amounting to very tough competition.

I was not there to sell a product or service at the event, rather I was there to get our name known in the community. For 2 days I sat as people trickled in and out. The flood gates never opened. My husband on the other hand wandered, up an down each and every aisle, inquiring about what each person was offering. A woman was sitting there selling Slim Spurling Light Life Technology Rings, and my husband bought one-- a 1/2 cubit ring. He came back to our table all interested in what he purchased, and I was just annoyed, to me it was more money being spent on another gizmo or gadet that was supposed to solve a whole laundry list of problems. Now what are you into??

I really had no interest in hearing about this magical ring. I listened skeptically as he excitedly recounted what he learned. Yawn! Yadda! Yadda! How often do we hear this stuff. Well that magical little ring sat for a long time, taking up space. Then Scott started working with it and had his own magical healing expereince. (See earlier post Meet the Modern Day Lord of the Rings) I still wasn't impressed. Then it happened!

Probably just to prove to me not to be skeptical, my left ankle started to hurt. I was doing cold pressed castor oil treatments--that didn't work. I was doing Reiki- that didn't work. I was doing pressure points- that didn't work. I was using a homeopathy ointment- that didn't work. As I lay groaning in pain on the sofa, my husband Scott, tired of listening to me, slipped a 1/2 cubit ring over my foot. And no lie, in less than 1 minute the pain was GONE. I sat up and said, Ok, now you have my attention. What have you been saying about these rings, when I was pretending to be listening?

It was that one event that turned me around. Had me curious to look further. Why am I relaying this story? For a lot of reasons. I am a holistic practitioner, but still carry around a heavy dose of skeptism. I question alot. I search for the truth as it resonates within me. I know what works for one person, may not have much of an effect on another individual. And I know that we each are our own healers---tools just provide some assistance until we can work from a tool-less perspective.

There are some modalities and tools that I find very useful in a number of situations. I am a mix and mingler. I mix and mingle different tools as I work to make changes in my life. Slim's Light Life Technology tools are ones I have discovered not only help me but others. As Scott and I progress through this blog, we will share our expereinces and information about the tools and the ways they have been of use in the areas of health and the environment.

The tool that was used on my foot is called a 1/2 cubit plain jane ring, It is a wound copper ring based on sacred geometry. It generates a positive healing frequency of what is said to be a 144 mHz, a natural resonant frequency. The diameter is 3.5 inches round. In later posts I will explain in more detail about the 1/2 cubit ring and how we are using them. But for now, this was my introduction to Slim's magical rings..

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