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I guess you can say I am one of those typical holisitic practitioner's. Once you get bitten by the healing bug, the journey of a thousand miles begins. Each step taking you to yet another "got to have this amazing tool, technique, tip, program, workshop, seminar, confernece, etc." In the ocean of overwhemling choices, your head can spin with all the directions you feel yourself pulled in.

Over the years though I have started to settle down. I am still amazed by much of what I encounter, but my ability to discern is tweeked a bit more. I realize that there is NO ONE MAGIC BULLET. Healing is an inside job, that can be assisted in a variety of ways by outside stuff. Slim Spurling's tools, The Light-Life Technology, is one of those outside stuff technologies that I have used with success and have seen others use with success as well. The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to Slim and his work. You will find your own truth along the way. Namaste~ Susan Anderson

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Storm Chaser: A Note from Slim Spurling

This is one of the tools created by Slim Spurling. Below is an article he had wrote regarding its development and purpose.

The STORMCHASER came about as a result of my concern for the increasing levels of pollution, which exacerbate the natural tendency of tornados and hurricanes to wreak havoc.

Hurricanes start off the coast of Africa as a result of the massive density of positively charged dust particles which blow off the west coast (the skeleton coast) during the periodic sand storms in the summer months. The positive(+) charges have a counterclockwise spin and in the density and duration of the storm they tend to entrain the atmosphere into a larger scale (counterclockwise) rotation which, depending on the density of charge and duration of the sandstorm, may develop into a tropical storm and then a hurricane.

As the cyclonic rotation persists it draws in (+) charges from different levels of the atmosphere consisting of any or all of the listed air pollutants, co2, so2, NOX, hydrocarbons ( all toxic materials have a (+) charge). As we have all seen on the weather channel these storms pull in clouds and atmospheric components from hundreds of thousands of cubic miles of atmosphere.

As the density of the toxins and (+) charges increase toward the center, so does the intensity of the storm rotation increase.

Based on my personal observation of atmospheric pollution in the Caribbean during a couple of flights over the area, it is far and away more polluted than any comparable area i have seen in the past 10 years with the exception of Belgium on my first flight over that country in '97.

So we can see that these storms, initiated off the coast of Africa, rapidly increase in strength in the Caribbean and gulf as they pull in polluted air from the populated mainland.

These huge storms are now appearing in the southern hemisphere, witness the recent one called Larry in Australia and the first ever storm off Brazil last year. This is due to the increasing pollution and resultant drought conditions in that hemisphere due to industrialization and increasing use of petroleum fuels in the less developed world due to the treaties related to globalization.

My personal urge to develop a system to cover large volumes of atmosphere with the proven harmonizer technology is what led to the development, first of the "cosmic washtub" in 2001 and now the STORMCHASER in 2004.

There are about 60 of the "washtubs" and "storm chasers" in active service in the northern hemisphere, serving several functions. First is to reduce air pollution levels and severe storm mitigation and secondly to improve plant growth, thirdly to reduce soil and water toxins and improve marine environments with those reasonably near coastlines.

It is my hope to be able to place many more of the STORMCHASERS, in particular, on the several Caribbean islands and in the coastal cities of the Gulf of Mexico prior to this year's storm season.

In addition, it is urgent to get them into Southeast Asia and the populated areas of the southern hemisphere.

To give some idea of the range of these units, the STORMCHASER has a conservatively estimated spherical radius of effect of 2500 miles. Thus it's hemispheric energy field contains 3.2725 to the tenth power cubic miles of atmosphere.

That is considerably reduced if we consider that the polluted atmosphere is only about 50,000 feet thick, giving us a disc of 2500 miles radius and about 9.5 miles thick of the most polluted air.............this then gives us 186,532,500 cubic miles of atmosphere which is influenced by the energy field of the STORMCHASER. (It’s odd that 186,400,000 mps is the speed of light at earth's surface....Coincidence of numbers?.... I think not!)

During the '05 hurricane season following the disastrous storm on the Yucatan and Katrina, I got busy and had the helpers in the shop start making the new STORMCHASER. The first ones went to Florida, Pensacola, Sarasota and Vero beach. The next went to a site near Galveston about 200 miles inland.

That unit appeared to divert Rita from it's projected path to hit Galveston and shifted it NE to Houston. At Houston we saw the eye suddenly collapse and the storm weaken dramatically a few miles out to sea as it encountered the wall of energy produced by a dozen active AG harmonizers with a radius of 65 or more miles manned by Sandee Mac's enthusiastic network.

Wilma was supposedly headed to the middle of the Florida’s west coast but was diverted by the unit manned by Anthony Cowlan in Sarasota so that it hit the Keys and Miami briefly then scooted out to sea and took a very rapid path Northeast, dissipating rapidly over the cooler Atlantic and deprived of its (+) ion energy source due to the high number of several sizes of harmonizers among the network on the eastern seaboard. (Including Aggie, the one I had going in Hatboro, PA – SueLG)

These are not the first observations of the harmonizer's effect on hurricanes. Six small units in and near Moorhead City, North Carolina stopped Bonnie in it's tracks and dropped the wind velocity 10 mph in the first hour they were activated. A great deal of damage was prevented in that instance. Slim Spurling

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tools Explained: 1/2 Cubit Rings

"Slim had collected evidence for the existence of at least nineteen cubit lenghts that have been recorded int he ancient world: Sumerian, Egyptian, Sacred, Royal, and so on. While some are clearly derived from polar, equatorial, or radial Earth measureemnts, each one, according to its resonant length, represents an aspect of God or a differnt "quality: of Spirit. Egyptian cosmogony refers to these qualities as :neters", and regards them as principles or natural forces. Specific functions are attributed to each neter length, and the frequencies they generate are the vibrational code hidden behind the workd of form.

Slim settled on the Sacred Cubit to begin his work in the construction of the Light-LIfe Rings. The Sacred Cubit lenght carries specific frequencies or wavelengths that embody a spiritual coe providing resonance with a desired spiritual quality. When these specific lengths are formed into a circle, something remarkable happens: light is created." From Slim Spurling's Universe, Cal Garrison

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The Skeptic's Encounter with the Magical Ring


A few years back I opened a wellness center and in an effort to promote who we were, I booked a booth at a local wellness fair. Being a newbee at this type of stuff, I was excited to have the booth. Little did I know at the time that there were 3 other major events being hosted in the local area, and the weather was beautiful, as well, all amounting to very tough competition.

I was not there to sell a product or service at the event, rather I was there to get our name known in the community. For 2 days I sat as people trickled in and out. The flood gates never opened. My husband on the other hand wandered, up an down each and every aisle, inquiring about what each person was offering. A woman was sitting there selling Slim Spurling Light Life Technology Rings, and my husband bought one-- a 1/2 cubit ring. He came back to our table all interested in what he purchased, and I was just annoyed, to me it was more money being spent on another gizmo or gadet that was supposed to solve a whole laundry list of problems. Now what are you into??

I really had no interest in hearing about this magical ring. I listened skeptically as he excitedly recounted what he learned. Yawn! Yadda! Yadda! How often do we hear this stuff. Well that magical little ring sat for a long time, taking up space. Then Scott started working with it and had his own magical healing expereince. (See earlier post Meet the Modern Day Lord of the Rings) I still wasn't impressed. Then it happened!

Probably just to prove to me not to be skeptical, my left ankle started to hurt. I was doing cold pressed castor oil treatments--that didn't work. I was doing Reiki- that didn't work. I was doing pressure points- that didn't work. I was using a homeopathy ointment- that didn't work. As I lay groaning in pain on the sofa, my husband Scott, tired of listening to me, slipped a 1/2 cubit ring over my foot. And no lie, in less than 1 minute the pain was GONE. I sat up and said, Ok, now you have my attention. What have you been saying about these rings, when I was pretending to be listening?

It was that one event that turned me around. Had me curious to look further. Why am I relaying this story? For a lot of reasons. I am a holistic practitioner, but still carry around a heavy dose of skeptism. I question alot. I search for the truth as it resonates within me. I know what works for one person, may not have much of an effect on another individual. And I know that we each are our own healers---tools just provide some assistance until we can work from a tool-less perspective.

There are some modalities and tools that I find very useful in a number of situations. I am a mix and mingler. I mix and mingle different tools as I work to make changes in my life. Slim's Light Life Technology tools are ones I have discovered not only help me but others. As Scott and I progress through this blog, we will share our expereinces and information about the tools and the ways they have been of use in the areas of health and the environment.

The tool that was used on my foot is called a 1/2 cubit plain jane ring, It is a wound copper ring based on sacred geometry. It generates a positive healing frequency of what is said to be a 144 mHz, a natural resonant frequency. The diameter is 3.5 inches round. In later posts I will explain in more detail about the 1/2 cubit ring and how we are using them. But for now, this was my introduction to Slim's magical rings..

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Meet the Modern Day Lord of the Rings!

My first exposure to Slim Spurling occurred just over a few years ago when I purchased a simple copper ring from a Spurling distributor at a health fair. It's been an amazing ride since. After getting a speech about wasting money from my wife, I was determined to find out why this woman I purchased the ring from would spend $300 to set up a booth at a health fair, just to sit there for 2 days selling copper rings if they didn't have a good purpose. I went online and did my research and was very skeptical about what I was reading. The ring sat for a long while until I experienced some physical swelling that was present for a few days. One night after playing ice hockey I thought , well let's put the ring to the test. I placed it on the swollen area and woke up to amazement. The swelling was gone. Holy S.....!.

Fast forward...In August of '06 my wife and I went a workshop at the Nature Lyceum on Long Island in which Slim Spurling was presenting. His first presentation was Dowsing for Geopathic Stress. I had read about geopathic stress but until Slim explained how hazardous this stuff is, I had not paid it muchmind. Slim basically claims that most, if not all illness is triggered by spending too much time in geopathic stress. "Geopathic Stress" is distorted earth energies that basically play havoc on the immune system. I urge you to do some research on this; it's monumental from my perspective.The following 3 days at the workshop were incredible with on and off time spent with Slim. I have never been in the presence of someone so in touch with energies and healing. Slim introduced and traced the history of his discoveries, or rediscoveries as he puts it. Ancient technologies utilizing sacred geometry, namely the sacred cubit. The sacred cubit was used in the construction of the pyramids, Noah's Ark and so on. I recently purchased a singing bowl made in Tibet that coincidentally utilizes that same sacred cubit measurement. Slim's light life tools are based on sacred geometry.

Slim began practicing the ancient art of dowsing and invented a very simple and inexpensive method of neutralising geopathic stress in 1993. Slim and his associates also utilize different variations of light life tools to block, divert or neutralize harmful distorted earth energies.

His light life tools have found many applications, many of which I can personally attest to being incredible. These include potentizing water, health and healing applications, pain relief, severe storm damage prevention, relaxation, meditation assistance, fault zone stress reduction, agriculture, pet care, fuel enhancement (mpg), jet lag, sound quality improvement, computer stress, food quality improvement and longevity, broad range environmental improvement-air, water and soil, destructive insect repellent and more.

Many people around the world are experiencing and experimenting with these life force energies with incredible results. Slim's environmental clearing units are cleaning the air in various locations around the world as politicians and scientifically confined mind's miss the boat. Grass root efforts are making a difference... for more information, contact Seeds for Change Wellness about dowsing, geopathic stress and Slim Spurling's workshops and light life tools.

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